We have a situation in Coventry!

08/08/2016 by Helen

We have a situation, Coventry!During the second half of 2016, I will be working with staff, students and artists in Coventry, UK on the creation and presentation of the sixth “situation”. We’ll be focus on the social and community situation that has developed as the university has rapidly expanded in the town centre, dramatically altering the population demographic and the daily life experience for the people of Coventry. For this project, I’ll be the Disruptive Media Learning Lab‘s first International Artist in Residence, and will collaborate with Rachelle Knowles, associate head of the School of Art and Design, who participated in the Graz situation in 2013.
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Meeting the Carioca(s)

29/10/2015 by Helen

ChristoI’ve arrived in Rio de Janerio to prepare for our “situation”, taking place next week as part of the Multicidade International Festival of Women in Theatre. It’s my first visit to Rio, so as well as preparations I’m fitting in a little bit of sightseeing before what will be a very busy week. On Monday, we will start the workshop to create the performance; there are 5 local participants, and the online team will join as time zones allow. View the pictures →

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